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The Window Wizard

Protect yourself and family from potentially harmful dust particles and allergens! These collect on windows even when they look clean.

The Limodo Window Wizard is a smart window cleaning robot that makes your daily routine less exhausting and does the work for you.

Technologically advanced and feature filled.

Check it out!

Window Wizard Features

  • Path & Edge Detection System

    The Window Wizard is a smart robot!

    With the Path Detection System, choose your path plan on the remote or app and the robot will automatically follow the set path and detect the size of the window and clean accordingly.

    The Edge Detection System is a built-in smart system that uses sensors to detect and avoid the edges of the desired cleaning area thus avoiding collision or falling off the edge.

  • Powerful Suction System

    The secret ingredient of Window Wizard is a powerful suction system that creates an internal vacuum that both keeps the Window Wizard firmly in place like magic and at the same time makes the unbelievably sparkling clean result possible

  • App and Remote Controlled

    We believe convenience is a must and not a luxury. That is why we made it easy and convenient to control your Window Wizard either from the provided remote control or the dedicated app for IOS and Android

  • 30min Battery Backup

    No power source next to a window? no problem!, we’ve embedded a 30-minute battery backup that will keep the Window Wizard from shutting down or failing to complete its intended cleaning path

  • Hook Anti-Fall System

    As an added precaution, the Window Wizard is equipped with a hook anti-fall system for your peace of mind

  • Lower Noise

    Who wants to listen to the annoying noise that comes out of a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher? No one! That’s why we made the Window Wizard to be low-noise, so it can quickly clean all of your windows without undue attention

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Award Winner

The Limodo Window Wizard has been awarded the Innovation Award by Gadget Flow.

The award is the culmination of the hard work and effort to bring the Limodo Window Wizard to homes across the world.

We thank Gadget Flow for their recognition and bestowing the Limodo Window Wizard with this prestigious award.


How can I buy the Window Wizard?

You can pre-order the Limodo Window Wizard on our indiegogo campaign. A link to the campaign can be found in the 'Shop' section of this website.

Which window washing liquid do I use?

You can use the window washing liquid of your choice. The Window Wizard can be used with virtually any fluid.

How does the Window Wizard avoid falling?

The Window Wizard has a powerful Suction System which creates a vacuum to keep the robot in place. In addition the Window Wizard is equipped with a smart edge detection system and a hook anti-fall system

Is there an app to control the Window Wizard?

Yes, you can control the Window Wizard from the provided remote control as well as a dedicated app for both IOS and Android

Does the Window Wizard come in any other colors?

At the moment the Window Wizard is available in white. When our Indiegogo campaign reaches a certain target, the black color will be unlocked and available to all! so spread the word and help us reach our goals. For more details please visit our Indiegogo campaign page (a link is provided in the ‘Shop’ section of this website)

How can I contact customer service?

Click the contact tab on the main menu (top of the website) and fill out the contact form. A member of our customer service team would reply asap.